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03 April 2008 ~ 1 Comment                                       

ReDesignMe and BMW

BMWBMW has what is basically the equivelant to P&G’s Connect + Develop in which anyone can submit a technical spec for an innovation in which BMW would be interested.  They like it, they’ll buy it.

ReDesignMe is a minimalist, simple implementation of user submitted design improvements and suggestions for existing products. Companies or users submit products which they would like improved along with a description of what they feel is lacking.  A Pro Challenge feature is also available whereby companies may post one of their products or websites for comment and redesign and the most creative or useful submissions win a prize. Here’s one from Vodafone.  Okay, basically this is simply an open blog in which anyone can post a picture of a product with a problem and anyone can upload comments or photos of a redesign.  (Via Springwise.)

Both of these point yet again to what seems to be a no-brainer: Companies should solicit ideas and innovation from everyone, everywhere.  Employees, partners, customers, non-customers, haters.  It doesn’t bind you to anything and doesn’t cost a whole lot, but it could open up your company to any number of innovations that never would have come about otherwise.

Unless you figure out how to run a fascist state (Apple) that produces breathtaking products and services, why not solicit ideas from everyone?

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