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Article Series

I lack a specific definition or term for what I have been writing about here — mainly because there isn’t one. “Crowdsourcing” comes close, but it is a bit constraining in that it connotes outsourcing work to the crowd, which is only part of the story. Thus, in light of that, I will be posting a series covering the various aspects of whatever the hell this is that I am talking about with examples of each portion in action. It will by no means be exhaustive, but it should provide a good overview of some interesting orgs that are leveraging these principles.

So, let’s set out with a few of the current names for it and related concepts that feed into it:

The overarching themes revolve around: Crowdsourcing; Outside Innovation; Innovation Networks; the Wisdom of crowds; and Customer co-creation.

These larger initiatives are supported by: Web 2.0/Social Computing; Mass Customization; the Long Tail; Open Innovation; Peer production; Prediction markets; Voting and ratings; Competitions and prizes; Lead users; Transparent business practices; and Democratized content creation and distribution.

Here are the various articles I’ve written thus far covering these areas.

Jump to a specific section:
Part 1: Figuring out crowdsourcing: What does it mean? What’s working? What isn’t?
Part 2: Crowdfunding, Investing and Donation 2.0
Part 3: Digital Suggestion Box: how big corporations are asking for help
Part 4: The Competition Model
Part 5: The evolution of mass customization and personal manufacturing
Part 6: Expert sourcing for problem solving and innovation
Part 7: Many hands make light work: The atomization of work
Part 8: Collaborative Content Creation; or, Crowdsourcing your way to creativity