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28 March 2007 ~ 0 Comments                                       

And, thus, it begins…

For a long time I have had an intense interest in:

  • Social computing/Web 2.0
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Great design
  • Radically open business
  • The world is flat/outsourcing/the ability for tiny companies to outsource/freelance what in the past only large companies could
  • Entrepreneurship in general

    One day, after following these topics over several years, I was struck by an idea about how I could bring all of these together. I was still waiting to hear from several B-schools, but I decided to quit my job anyway, in order to start a project centered around this. I had originally intended to work on how I could apply social computing and crowdsourcing to physical product design: what is the next step in terms of product configuration and design complexity along the lines of Threadless? Along the same lines, some other folks are working on just that: Cambrian House and Crowdspirit. Very interested to see how those two develop (Cambrian has yet to develop physical products, focusing instead on crowdsourced software ideas and Crowdspririt won’t be launching until this summer).

    A few other examples of crowdsourcing type projects: A Swarm of Angels (movie financing), Sell A Band (funding to produce an album), Ringside Startup (funding and idea voting for an online startup).

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