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22 January 2009 ~ 0 Comments                                       

CoInnovative Roundup: 3 Odds and Ends to check out

Innocentive used for non-profit challenges: An interesting addendum to my previous post (Part 6 of The Series), about 20% of Innocentive’s portfolio of projects are aimed towards solving non-profit challenges. Further, they recognize the possibility of pairing this crowd-problem solving with crowdfunding: someone decides to champion a particular problem and, using the Innocentive platform, raises the money necessary to reward problem solvers. (Then, I would assume, they would have to raise another round to actually implement the solution, but that is developing as well.)

Help Obama prioritize and solve problems with the Citizens Briefing book: Of course, it’s inauguration week, so how could I resist? Leading up to the transition (and going forward, I assume) the Obama administration has set up the Citizens Briefing Book on change.gov which allows you to suggest ideas and priorities for Obama and vote on the best ones. These will be compiled and presented to the President. Regardless of whether it turns into something of substance or not, it is a great example of what I discussed in Part 3, the Digital Suggestion Box. As with any of these efforts whether it be from Dell, Starbucks, or Obama, the impact this technology will have depends on how whether it becomes a useful, two-way conduit of information. Are popular measures acted upon or, at the very least, responded to? (Case in point: the first and third most popular ideas with 16,000 votes involve relaxing or doing away with marijuana prohibitions.) And is the tool effective at surfacing quality?

Crowdsourcing classifications: via MadeForOne, Scott Klososky at TechnologyStory lists his view on classifications of crowdsourcing:

    Voluntary vs. Involuntary
    Social vs. Commercial
    Rewarded vs. Unrewarded

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