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08 April 2007 ~ 0 Comments                                       

Cluetrain Manifesto: Still kickin…

I don’t know why it took me so long to get to reading it, but the oddly titled Cluetrain Manifesto is as ridiculously right on today as it was in 2000 when it was published. Summing it up: “Markets are conversations”. And just about everything else they discuss has come to pass or at the very least, people are starting to catch on. Blogging, social networks, online reviews, etc. etc. the whole amorphous web 2.0 blob was described in general terms in this book. It gets at the core of what is necessary in this networked world whether as an individual or organization: authenticity, connection, and a voice. Companies have for too long created a barrier between itself and the market and its employees. And this lays out much of the thinking behind the direction I want to go in with my venture and with any company I may work for in the future. So you should really read it. Really. You should.

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