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Archive | Crowdsourcing

01 June 2008 ~ 4 Comments

Part 1: Figuring out crowdsourcing: What does it mean? What’s working? What isn’t?

I lack a specific definition or term for what I have been writing about here — mainly because there isn’t one. “Crowdsourcing” comes close, but it is a bit constraining in that it connotes outsourcing work to the crowd, which is only part of the story. Thus, in light of that, I will be posting a series covering the various aspects of whatever the hell this is that I am talking about with examples of each portion in action. It will by no means be exhaustive, but it should provide a good overview of some interesting orgs that are leveraging these principles.

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24 April 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Crowdsourcing Venture Capital Decisions…. sort of.

Similar to product idea/product generation and promotion sites such as Kluster and Crowdspirit, You Be The VC and IdeaBlob aim to surface the best ideas for companies.  If your idea and pitch are good enough, you win prize money and support. (IdeaBlob gives out $10K a month for winning ideas while You Be The VC […]

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20 April 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Questionable feedback: Incented and Not

This post by Francois Gossieaux on Marketing 2.0 echoes some of my thoughts in a previous post in which I mulled over the balancing act between providing a platform for interested users and creating a paid marketplace for extracting feedback, ideas, work. Would you rather have feedback from a person who is filling out 10 […]

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03 April 2008 ~ 1 Comment

ReDesignMe and BMW

BMW has what is basically the equivelant to P&G’s Connect + Develop in which anyone can submit a technical spec for an innovation in which BMW would be interested.  They like it, they’ll buy it. ReDesignMe is a minimalist, simple implementation of user submitted design improvements and suggestions for existing products. Companies or users submit […]

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06 March 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Spigit: Kluster for the enterprise… and will all of this crowdsourcing stuff pay off?

You want to know what Spigit is?  Read my last post about Kluster and imagine a more powerful, enterprise version of the service. A friend of mine asked recently whether this crowdsourcing stuff works; if I could point to a single product that had resulted from “crowdsourcing”.  The answer is yes and no.  It depends […]

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23 February 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Kluster, a new wave in crowdsourced product design and development

I wrote previously about Mophie, a ridiculously cool iPod accessories company started by another one of those fantastically young entrepreneurs (he’s 21 now).  Ben Kaufman has moved on to a new venture, Kluster, after selling Mophie to mStation. Kluster is similar in philosophy to other idea generation and product development sites (Cambrian House, Crowdspirit, Dell […]

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06 January 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Tribewanted is not a scam. Actually, it’s ridiculously awesome.

Over the summer I took a trip to New Zealand and Fiji. I spent my time in Fiji on just one island dubbed Vorovoro by Tribewanted. Now, Tribewanted is a pretty wild eco-tourism/online community/adventure travel/commun-like experience. The group leased half of a Fijian island for 3 years.

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31 October 2007 ~ 6 Comments

Crowdfunding and crowdauditioning a film

Itsourmovie.com is another example of a new way to finance movies (or anything really). Similar in concept to A Swarm of Angels — though, it seems, much more likely to produce something of quality — It’s Our Movie begins with a script and director (Alex Jovy, nominated for an oscar for a short film) and […]

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