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08 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments                                       

Are you a graphic designer or artist? Do you know one?

To recap the project I am working on: I am building a site to provide a marketplace for laser etching designs (http://etchconnection.com). You can see the type of stuff being done at Adafruit and iStyleCustom, for example. It would seem that for non-artist/designers such as myself who would love to get a cool etching but have no idea where to even start, this type of site would be very helpful. (Some of the etchers have designers that can help you and will work with you, but I think a centralized repository for this would be ideal.)

The site would allow:
1) Designers to create a profile, post graphic designs, and set a price
2) Customers to rate and browse designs
3) Customers to find a local engraver, buy a design, and have it sent to their preferred engraver (which the site will help them find as well).

What it comes down to is that this might help promote personalized laser etching, provide an outlet for graphic designers’ work, and send preapproved designs and great leads to etchers. Everybody wins (it would seem).

It would be great to get some feedback from graphic designers out there about this. Does it sound feasible? Like it? Questions? Suggestions? Anything!?

If you would like to be one of the first to submit designs or if you would like to provide a bit of feedback on an early incarnation of the site let me know: tom@coinnovative.com

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